Fundraising Overview


At Milecastle we are committed to supporting the vital work of a range of local, national and international charities.

Through ’Plan’ we have an annual commitment to the sponsorship of a child in the Philippines with a collection of pennies on Fridays. They soon mount up when we collect together all our small contributions. ‘Save the Children’ benefits each Easter from the raffle of Easter eggs donated by staff, governors and families.

One of School Council’s first tasks of the new school year is to decide on which charities we will choose for fundraising. Sometimes these are particularly relevant to some of our families e.g. Diabetes charities, ‘Jeans for Genes’ and St. Oswald’s Hospice.

The ‘Greggs Children’s Cancer Run’ is now a regular annual fixture and the opportunity to dress up when fundraising is always popular.  Milecastle’s families are always extremely generous in supporting all our fundraising activities.