In EYFS teaching and learning is based on the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. The teaching of reading is a key focus alongside the acquisition of basic skills in writing and mathematics. Play has an important role in children’s learning and we provide opportunities to learn indoors and outdoors. There are also opportunities for children to initiate their own learning experiences alongside those which are staff directed.

Please see Reception page for more curriculum information.


Year 1 – Year 6

All teaching and learning follows the 2014 National Curriculum Programmes of Study.  Some of these may be subject to change as we review and implement what is a new curriculum so it meets our children’ s learning needs. Staff use a variety of methods to engage all learners and ensure they make progress in their learning.

Within the maths curriculum there are ‘non-negotiables’ for each year  group . These are key skills which children should have mastered by the end of the year. 

Please see each year group page for more information.