As part of the WakeUpWednesday campaign, there has been a free guide created for parents & carers to help them stay vigilant when their children are using the App Store.

The App Store is used by most Apple device owners and, with millions of apps to choose from and download onto their devices, it’s important that parents know how to help their children use the App Store safely. This free guide covers what they need to know regarding the associated risks of the store including;
look-alike apps, in-app purchases, inappropriate material and more.

Please follow the links below to access the information: 


Fortnite Song for Parents - STAY SWITCHED ON!

Have you heard the Fortnite song yet?   Over 1 million people have been reached with the song in just 1 week!  If you haven't already, please help spread the word by sharing the video...


New from #WakeUpWednesday in 2019 are free online safety guides for parents, carers and children - including:
Fake News'; the epidemic plaguing our social media timelines and influencing behaviours across the globe!   
Grand Theft Auto (GTA); the 18+ rated game in which sex, violence, profane language and nudity form the main themes of the game. Popular for its criminal narrative, the GTA series encourages users to break the law in order to succeed and progress through the game.
Download the guides below for more information.