Admissions Information

Milecastle Primary School is single form entry i.e. one class per year group.  If you have any queries regarding school admissions please contact Mrs Wigham, School Business Manager.
Reception Admissions

Applications for September 2021 will be available to the public from 01 September 2020. When filling in the form online please use all four preferences, and apply on time. 

Closing date: 12:00 noon 15 January 2021


Secondary Transfer 2021

Applications for September 2021 will be available to the public from 01 September 2020. Please use all four preferences and apply on time.

Closing date: 12:00 noon 31 October 2020

 It is much easier if you are able to apply online via Newcastle City Councils portal. Online applications can be processed into our systems much quicker than paper applications and this will allow the Local Authority to monitor more closely which students have yet to make an application. 

It is important to note that parents must apply through the local authority that they live in (pay council tax to). Applications sent to the wrong local authority are not considered to be valid applications.


In Year Admissions into School

We accept applications throughout the school year via Newcastle City Council who co-ordinate this on our behalf.   Once applications are made and passed on to us we will contact you if a place is available to discuss the application and agree a start date.

 If you’re moving into Newcastle, moving house, or have another reason for wanting to change your child’s school, the information below will help.